Zendesk support suite integration with Amazon

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Amazon are promoting Zendesk Suite, a new customer support tool available now in the Seller Central Partner Network. With Zendesk’s application for Amazon, you can handle Seller Central messaging and all your other support channels on one screen.


“Zendesk’s pre-built integration to Amazon displays relevant information to address and resolve customers’ questions and problems within the agent workspace. Your agents can handle up to 4x more message volume by seeing Amazon order details and product data next to each message, utilizing the information to automatically personalize responses, leveraging approved templates, and assuring all tickets get a timely and adequate response.”
– Amazon

Zendesk Features

  • Read and answer Buyer-Seller Messages in threaded tickets.
  • See Amazon order data next to each message.
  • Get exclusive discounts of up to 20% off both Zendesk and ChannelReply.
  • View up to 10 most recent orders from repeat customers.
  • Use Amazon data to auto-personalize macros and auto-replies.
  • Get notified whenever you receive negative seller feedback.
  • Create custom tags and signatures for each Amazon marketplace.
  • Use tags, Amazon data, and message contents to create powerful triggers and automations, like rerouting high-priority tickets.
  • Control your own threading options, like threading by order instead of by customer.

Zendesk also integrates with other marketplaces!

How to get started (and get your 20% discount!)

For a limited time, new customers get up to 20% off both Zendesk and ChannelReply.

  1. Start your Zendesk Free Trial
  2. Follow the link from there to start your ChannelReply free trial
  3. Follow the prompts on ChannelReply to integrate to Zendesk with Amazon

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